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We believe that your success is our success. That’s why we provide you with the tools and support you need to accelerate your career path. We are E-mentor, an online platform that provides students with access to mentoring and career guidance. Our mission is to help you take your career to the next level by providing 1:1 and group mentoring with industry experts. We also have a curated pool of experienced mentors to provide you with proper guidance so that you can upskill your career and accelerate your path toward success.


We know how difficult it can be to find the right mentor or guide when you’re just starting out, so we’ve created a platform where anyone can find what they need. It’s all about finding someone who understands where you’re coming from and helping you reach your goals—whether it’s learning new skills or exploring new opportunities. We hope that our service helps put you on the right path!

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How Mentors can Benefit the Students

A mentor can offer a student personal support during the ups and downs of academic life.  The right environment can make all the difference in the early career days when the foundation is being laid. With the expert guidance from mentors, it can help you to channel your growth. These mentors have large amount of experience and they really want to help you and pass on their knowledge the best they can by providing: 

  • Thorough Understanding of the Career
  • Guidance and course selection
  • Profile Building
  • Acknowledging your problem and devising solutions

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Our Services

1:1 Mentoring

Do you want to move your career forward? Would you like to develop your leadership skills?
Get advice from the top 1% of Industry Experts to grow your career path.

Group Mentoring

Do you have a similar doubt as your friend? Do you want to learn through observing how your peers solve problems?
Take a group mentoring session with Top Mentors from Top Companies and get answers to all your and your friend’s queries at an affordable price.

Resume and Interview Preparation

Practice and improve your interview preparation with the help of top interviewers.

Complete Career Guidance Package

Are you struggling to convert a job offer from a Top Company?
Why wait for more when you can convert a job offer easily with step-by-step career guidance from our Industry Experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions​

Go to and go through the profiles of each mentor. Based on their profile and expertise choose your own mentor. Once you have chosen your mentor, click on Book Now and select the package you want. Select the date and timings for the session, add your details and make the payment.

A mentor can offer a student personal support during the ups and downs of academic life. This can help you to feel more resilient. They have large amount of experience and they really want to help you and pass on their knowledge the best they can by providing:

1. Thorough Understanding of the Career

2. Guidance and course selection

3. Profile Building

4. Acknowledging your problem and devising solutions

All the mentoring session are being closely monitored by our panel of observers who ensure the quality of programs and also assist in recalibration if the mentee needs assistance.

Also, in case of any assistance you can reach out at [email protected].