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People search Google, YouTube, and similar social media platforms when they have a problem to solve. 49.76% of Google searches were unable to resolve their queries. There is no guarantee that you’ll get any relevant hits back for your query. There is no guarantee that what you find in those hits will be the solution to your problem.
Have you ever thought about why your “LinkedIn Profile” is not getting noticed even though you are consuming a lot of “general” content on social media?
No worries! You are only one step away from receiving a fully customized solution to your LinkedIn – related issues.

1. Personalize your URL:

The URL for your LinkedIn profile is your web address. Your name and some random digits will appear in the default URL. Why not change it to something more appropriate?
The option is to update your public LinkedIn URL may be found on the right side of your profile. Use that option to make your URL more simple and clear – it just takes a few minutes and may greatly improve your URL’s rememberability.


2. Add a good Profile Image:

If you don’t already have a professional headshot, it’s well worth the money. The easiest you could probably do you upload a professional picture to your profile which is not blur, with any face gear or glasses, etc.
Picture say a thousand words. Your profile should:
  • Build Trust – Clear Headshot Image and Smiling Face
  • Show Personality – Show it through hobbies, family candid, working shots


3. Cover Photo:

  • Build Credibility – Image with an popular person in your industry or you speaking in an event or Award/Publications
  • Share Your Offer – Write clearly what you can do for your prospects.


4. Use a catchy Headline:

When I say use a catchy headline I do not just mean that it should be an attention seeker for a reader but it should be a searchable headline to be tagged in the LinkedIn algorithm and visible on a particular search appearance. The headline is your first opportunity to speak to your audience.
  • The Big Claim/ Social Proof
  • Statement supporting your Offer/Pitch in LinkedIn Banner


5. Feature Section:

  • Case Studies
  • Video Testimonials
  • Free/Paid Course
  • Link to book meetings with you


6. About Section:

Treat it as SALES PAGE. Write in this format:
  • Pain
  • Amplify
  • Story/Solution
  • Transformation/Testimony
  • Offer
  • Response (CTA)


7. Work Experience:

Write in detail about your work:
  • What responsibilities you had
  • What results you brought
  • In how much time
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